Who is CryptShares mainly for?

Anybody who is in any group that is chatting about trading or investing, if you already have a Slack Group, Discord Group or Telegram Group or any other type of group, CryptShares is an extremely helpful utility to be using with your group as it will help you stay a lot more organized and allow a visual representation of your groups activities. Even if you are a completely new to cryptocurrency investing and trading and have a few friends who are also in it, using CryptShares is a great way to start your adventure by helping each other and keeping track of each other activities so you can take on the markets together more efficiently.

Isn't my chat channel good enough? What are the benefits of using CryptShares?

Using CryptShares allows you to have an advantage over other trading groups that are just using chat systems because it allows your group members to recieve information in an organized manner which speeds up everyones trading. Your members will appreciate the ability to follow your recommendations in an organized manner. After you have posted on your chat channel, you can add the important information on the dashboard, it takes a very long time to check information in a chat channel and its hard to know what information is the most important and its relative to the current moment and you have to scroll pages, CryptShares solves this issue by allowing all group members to see all the important information within seconds.

CryptShares works by your group members leaving the group dashboard open while you trade it allows your group to stay connected together while trading. The moon signal also helps alert everyone of important opportunities, with chat channels there is only one sound, if somebody is not sitting at the computer, they will not be able to tell the difference between a normal signal and a very important signal they shouldn't miss, with the moon signal you can alert everyone in your group about the opportunity as its a custom sound. Another benefit of using CryptShares is it will be easier for other members to show your trading group to other people and it is much easier for them to join your circle which allows for more memberships. The chip system is beneficial as well as it allows you to add weight to more important trades, you can give a couple of signals in one day and if one trade you believe will be more important and profitible, then you can express that by adding more chips to the more important trade.

You can continue to use your chat channel, we don't recommend you use the built-in chat system unless you have too, CryptShares does not replace your chat channel it works with it, after you have posted your information, you simply remind them to view the daily summary in your group page altho most members usually have the group window open while they trade. Adding the same information you put in the chat channel on the dashboard is very quick. Many traders already use Coinigy as a tool they leave open while trading, this is simply just a useful tool like Coinigy. The groups that are currently using the platform find it does provide many benefits and helps with daily trading quite significantly.

How do I use CryptShares?

When you login, you can create a group from the home page. If you want group members to be able to post as well, check "Allow Group Members To Post"
When you go to your group page, you can add transactions, there is only two required fields: Buyin and Chip Amount.
You can customize the twitter feed to choose which twitter accounts you wish to follow.
Once you have setup you can simply share the group link for public groups, or invite by email for private groups.

I have a public group and a paid group, what should I do?

You can create two types of groups, you can create a public group and a private group and select who gets to post on these groups. For private groups you will need to invite by email similar to Slack.

Do you manage my page at all?

We do not manage groups you create, you and your assigned admins are responsible for your group page, Its similar as how wordpress does not manage blogs that are created and chat program do not manage the channels you create. The only time we will get involved with your group page is if we are removing it for misusage. You will have the ability to ban users from your page at anytime, and edit all content that is posted on it.

Is CryptShares free?

Yes! CryptShares is absolutely free of cost, it cost nothing to join and use the website or to create a group. You don’t have to give any real information other than a working email address. We recommend you always use a seperate email and password from your sensitive accounts and use that practice on all websites.

What are Chips used for?

You have 100 Trade Chips and 100 Long Term Chips, this is used to simplify displaying how you are allocating your investment in an easier method.

What is Captain/Sailors?

During signup or in your profile after you can assign a captain.
If you refer somebody to the site, ask them to add you as your captain! In the future we will add a system which allows more favoribility of displaying chips as first priority from users with more sailors.

How do I join a group?

You will have to be invited by somebody who has created a group or discover a public group on the internet; we do not show groups on our website.

What is Moon Signal?

If moon signal is selected it fires off a sound to all your group members to alert them of an important opportunity. We will allow this to be customizable later which will allow for some interesting soundclips…

I found a bug/issue!

Please report it on the home page, your feedback is highly appreciated, the site is still in Beta and we are expecting issues to arise. You might find graphical issues or errors, and that is completely expected so please report any issues as it will help us resolve it so we can launch.