A B O U T   U S

The CryptShares Platform was created by a team of professional cryptocurrency traders to help our investment group share information in an organized manner, we have now opened up to the public and are allowing new members to also use the platform. CryptShares is a new and innovative platform to help cryptocurrency users trade by supplying a dashboard where groups can share information and trade recommendations and work together to help each other make smarter decisions. CryptShares allows you to post discovered information, your long term holds, your trades or coins you are watching onto the dashboard, other members of the group can also view this, you can have two types of groups.

Public group: This is for friends or just about anybody who wants to get together and share information with each other. You can create a group and assign multiple admins to manage your group.

Private group: If you own a VIP trading channel you can use the platform and allow your members to have a much better view of your information on CryptShares, you can use both Telegram/Slack/Discord and CryptShares for your members to give them a better experience.

These groups also can have the option of allowing one person to post on the dashboard or selected individuals.

If the platform becomes popular, our secondary objective is to also use the interface to create CryptShares Charity. If people make successful trades we aim to make it easy for them to contribute earnings via cryptocurrencies. "CryptShares Charity" will be an extension of the website similar to Kickstarter but will aim to direct focus on:

Projects that are using blockchain technology to improve living standards
Projects that are promoting blockchain technology worldwide
Projects that are attempting to infuse philanthropy with the blockchain ecosystem
Verified charities that accept cryptocurrencies
Organizations like www.blockchainforgood.com
Generally any pro-humanity project
Projects that will reduce suffering in any aspect

All projects that will be listed on the "CryptShares Charity" page will first be screened through our due-diligence program which will be fine-tuned by the community, and if all criteria is met, we will use our platform to the best of our ability to help aid their cause. After the project is listed they will have to present to the public their activities and how they are spending the donated money and if the community is satisfied with their reporting they will continue to receive aid through the charity system. We will aim to reach to as many good projects there are but the decision on where the resources go and how it will get to them will all depend on community based voting and discussions which will be created once the CryptShares Charity is started. We aim to create a system, for the people by the people, it will as closely follow the principles of decentralized authority.

We live in a new era of technology and awakening and we should use the technological advancements which allows money to be transferred worldwide at near instant speeds to be used to heal our planet at maximum potential. If a scam ICO can raise millions within hours, why can’t a project that will change the lives of millions for the better?

Our goal is to create a great market utility but also as the site expands help use our influence to create a great blockchain based charity system and help bring about the importance to others of infusing any blockchain based systems/websites with trustable charities and restore faith in charity systems. We can create a great platform, but how to fully remove the fraud and have a good due diligence system will be up to all of us to contribute to and figure out, our team will be working on getting the platform out there and finishing development so we can continue onto the second phase, we hope to create a great platform that can help many people trade and invest smarter and create a better world for us all at the same time.

Thank you for your interest of the platform, the site is fully functional but still in development and we encourage you to report any issues or feedback you have.

As John McAfee once said...
" The reality of this new world is what it is. Those who understand will be the leaders of this new world "

We encourage you all to be a leader and help shape this industry as it progresses to serve humanities true interests. The era of blind ambition and relentless greed has taken its toll on the collective, blockchain technology is a chance for the new generation to make sure this new multi billion industry does not lose sight of what is truly important as many industries in the past have. Humanity was traded for a profit, lets use our profits to restore humanity.

-CryptShares Team

Disclaimer: Before signing up to the website and following any investment advice, please remember only invest/trade what you can afford to lose. No group members or this website is responsible for your losses. Start with a small amount and once you have steadily created profit with that small amount, use the amount of profit you have made and take back your original investment if you wish or if you are confident in your skills at that point do what you wish. Trading can be addictive and can be as dangerous as gambling if you are not following certain guidelines. We encourage you to trade and invest cautiously and to not get carried away by the thrill of these new systems, you can gain 200% in a day of course, but you can also lose that, stay conservative and play the markets wisely!